Analogue Modular Synthesis in Audio-Visual applications.


Jesus H.
Wolf G.

The seminar will start with a talk about Analogue Modular Synthesis, aiming to define the term and provide historical background information. Jesus will present and describe "Bob", his Analogue Modular Synthesizer. The Bob System consists of several prototype modules, designed and built by Jesus H. and some other devices which were modified in a way that they can be controlled by Bob. Wolf will talk about his use of the Bob system for video synthesis. The seminar will be followed by a performance on The Bob System, with Wolf controlling the visual part and Jesus controlling the sonic part.

DVD's with a short video produced by The Bob System will be handed out for free to attendants.


Lecture Room, Music Department, University of Sheffield. (38 Taptonville Road, S10, Sheffield, UK)

Date and time:

Tuesday, November 13, 2007. 12:00 (NOT midnight)


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Analogue Modular Synthesis