Radio Hostile Session: A demo which is actually a recorded rehearsal at 52 Studios. The recording was made totally live with no overdubs. This demo was handed out for free at many I Knew Them shows in CD-R format with no case, booklet etc. You can download a paper case artwork for this demo at the misc section of this site, and print it yourself!

Lying Dead On The Pavement: The first album... Recorded at Jam Studio, mixed & mastered at 52 Studios. Contains most of the songs that made their way to your skull at I Knew Them's concerts of 2005, including hit song "Robots". Available on MC and CD. MC Tapes feature the album mastered on analog equipment. It is guaranteed to blow yr mind! [SOLD OUT}

Noisy experimental sonic creation for the man on the go, vol 1: The Metal Machinery: The first volume of an experimental video-album series, filed under "I Forgot Them". This one is a short-length film of abstract video synthesizer images and weird music.. Produced at 52 Studios. Cover prototype handcrafted by Jesus Himself. [SOLD OUT]

The truth is in here: The second album... This album was recorded in 54-tracks at Delta Studios and mixed at 53 Studios (52 Studios plus Delta). Produced by Jesus Himself. "The truth is in here" is basically, erm.. about the truth being in there..

Analogue Modular Synthesis: Filed under "I Forgot Them". A DVD of analogue video synthesis, funded by the University of Sheffield.