Genre: Haralambos

Location: Outer, Space



I Knew Them are currently working with the following record labels and management companies:

iTunes (worldwide internet distribution)

Abnormal Distro (worldwide distribution, based in Slovenia)

Hairway Industries (Record Label, Publisher, based in the UK)

Hairway Tapes (Tape Label, Publisher, based in the UK)

Hairway Floppies (Floppy Disk Label, Publisher, based in the UK)

Splendid Isolation (Podcast, based in Shetland Isles)

Alternative Records (worldwide mailorder from Greece)

Vintage Productions (European management/booking agent/backliner)

DRMK (Collective for the promotion of underground music based in Ljubljana, Slovenia)

I Knew Them was a three piece band consisting of Larry on guitar, Jesus on drums and vocals, and Wolf on organ. Now it consists of Larry in York, Jesus on drugs and Wolf on anything that's left (Jesus appears on the right as a habit). Joker was their new guitar hero (he knows how to play with all five strings of a guitar) but he is no longer an exhibited item as he left for Holland (and he'll NEVER be BACK). Spiraflas is a spiritual artist, who is rumored to be a founding member of "I Knew Them". Book "I Knew Them" by email for weddings, funerals, memorial services, and other similar social activities. If you need to meet in person or contact us via telephone, just email asking for our phone number.


The truth about "I Forgot Them"

I Forgot Them is a side-project that started originally by Jesus and Wolf, who would perform experimental improvisational material, ranging from Electro-acoustic music to Industrial music, often including light shows, dramatic performance or live video synthesizer projections. Their instruments and line-up vary from the usual I Knew Them gear. For this task, they use home-made or heavily modified analog synthesizers, circuit-bending, tape loops, drum machines and treated guitars. The line-up always includes at least one I Knew Them member, but has the form of a loose collective, often joined by different performers on each occasion. They are notorious for performing in weird places such as construction sites and moving vehicles.


More truths: "Jesus is Angry"

Jesus is Angry is the personal performance name of Jesus H. and his toys.

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