Jesus is Angry, Discography

Solo Works:

Robotnik (MC) - Hairway Industries, 2003

Abandoned Radio Stations (MC) - Hairway Industries, 2006

Floppy (3.5' Floppy Disk) - Hairway Floppies, 2007


This is Music [The Secret] - Sunburned Tongue Records (Florida, USA), 2008

Splendid Isolation podcast, episode 4 [The Teacher] - Spledid Isolation (Shetland Islands), 2008

I Forgot Them:

The Metal Machinery (DVD) - Hairway Industries, 2006

Analogue Modular Synthesis (DVD) - University of Sheffield, 2007

I Knew Them:

Lying Dead on the Pavement (CD, MC) - Hairway Industries, 2005

The truth is in here (CD) - Hairway Industries, 2007

Various early demos of no significant importance also exist and can be found among other junk being sold by illegal street-salesmen. If you believe you have something that could be related in any way to Jesus, please get in contact for further information. Wash with plenty of water and consult your doctor immediately. However, in such case, we strongly advise you start making funeral arrangements while waiting for the doctor, it saves both time and money.

Jesus is Angry - Discography