Synthesizers and Keyboard-controlled instruments

Armon Armonconcert. Italian polyphonic analogue synthesizer. Basically a Farfisa-style organ (probably made by Bontempi) with extra envelope controlls and a godawful filter. Recently returned to a spoiled kid who shoots it with his BB Gun, after he had his mom and sister call us...

Boss DR 202. Groove Box and Drum machine

Casio SA-1

Casio SA-3

Casio PT-88

Modified Casio PT-88. The only modification (yes, circuit-bent) is a power-loss pot, or as the insiders would call it, a shitshot mod. Currently looking for ways to add Voltage Control, without destroying the keyboard scan!! If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, let me know!!

Farfisa Compact Duo. Provided by Anastis of Vintage Productions and Backline, now returned to him.

Wizard 321B Organ. Huge organ with bass pedals, analogue drum machine, arpeggiator and sequencer.


Yamaha DGX-300